web design malaysia

web design malaysia
How Important are images in web design?

Images plays an important role in websites. Having a website with a wall of text isn’t very visually pleasing to users. Pictures naturally grab user’s attention upon entering the website and draws more traffic. Just like the popular phrase “a picture tells a thousand words”, it applies to every website as well. Here are a few reasons on why images are important in web design: Enchance user experience – Images naturally tend to get users engaged. However, only the right images will have an affect on users. Some images are irrelevant and pretty much useless – they don’t play a proper role in the website. In that sense, images should be carefully chosen to create a smooth user experience. Attention-grabbing – Upon entering a website, the first thing a user sees are images. Users don’t automatically read any text first. Thus, images that provide an impact usually catch user’s attention immediately. Therefore, high quality images should always be implemented.Portray information quickly – Images are much easier and faster to digest compared to text. This is because images are more straight-forward – users don’t have to take time reading. Using images to portray any message is always the best and fastest way. Pictures can sell – This is especially important for e-commerce websites. Users naturally would want to look at images whenever they want to purchase a product. Products would be sold more if there are pictures involved. Higher ranking results – Websites with pictures tend to appear in search engine results higher than without them. This is due to the fact that your website will not only appear in the website results but also the image results page. Luckily, most web design Malaysia agencies practice the importance of having images in their websites. Hence, you don’t have to worry about hiring an outsourced web design company to create your website. …

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